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4 miscellaneous jquery plugins



September 26, 2012

Twinkle is a jQuery plugin to draw the visitor’s attention to special parts of your website with effects like the splash , drops,pulse,orbit,splash, cssdrop.
Created by LARS JUNG



randexp | Random Expression js


September 25, 2012

Randexp-js is a javascript plugin to generate a random string that matches a given RegExp Javascript object.It can be used in the browser as well as node-js.
Regular expressions are used in every language, every programmer is familiar with them. Regex can be used to easily express complex strings. What better way to generate a random data than with a tool you can easily describe what string you want?
Created by Roly Fentanes



jquery terminal emulator

terminal emulator

September 24, 2012

JQuery Terminal Emulator is a plugin for creating command line interpreters in your applications. Object can have nested objects which will create nested interpreter. You can also use a function in which you can parse user command by your own. It?s ideal if you want to provide additional functionality for power users. It can also be used as debuging tool.
Created by Jakub Jankiewicz




Eight-bit js

September 21, 2012

Eight-Bit js is a CSS/JQuery plugin to display eight bit sprites in pure CSS.It helps you make your web-site faster and gives it an old-school look.
Created by Zack Davis



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