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September 29, 2012

Xlsx-js | js library to convert Excel data to javascript object

XLSX-js is a library that converts base64 strings into object representations of XLSX spreadsheets, and vice versa. You can obtain Base64 strings from XHRs, FileReader, or Silverlight/Flash uploaders. And, similarly, you can send them to web services, FileWriter, Data URIs, or Sliverlight/Flash downloaders. In other words, this library will allow you to read and write Excel-compatible XLSX files when paired with an appropriate file access mechanism.
Right now this javascript library supports reading data from multiple worksheets, the names of the worksheets, the active worksheet, and file metadata.
It also supports writing simple data to multiple worksheets, setting the names of the worksheets, setting the active worksheet, and setting file metadata. It also supports the ability to turn the data on a worksheet into a sortable table.
Created by Stephen Hardy



xlsx-js javascript library

Excel data to javascript Object javascript library


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xlsx-js javascript library

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